Animal Control

Stray Horses?

If you see loose horses in ROR or anywhere on Old Conroe Road, call one of the folks listed below. These ROR residents are very knowledgeable and willing to help. Their phones numbers are available in the ROR directory. If you do not have access to the Resident Directory, contact the management company.

  • Linda Albers
  • Rhonda Vaja
  • Chris Michel

Lost or Found Pets?
Posting a photo and pertinent info to the NextDoor app accesses the largest number of households (including those in adjacent subdivisions). Also, the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center website provides excellent information on reuniting pets with their families.

Red Oak Ranch Dog-Related Complaints
Dogs Complaints: Nuisance, Lack of Restraint, Threats & Attacks – June 2017

Montgomery County Animal Control Authority (threats, attacks, carcass removal)
Tel: 936-442-7738 or visit their website
See the “Animal Control Ordinance” link on this page

Animal Emergency Clinic of Montgomery County (24 hours)
Tel: 936-539-3800

Texas Parks & Wildlife (injured animal)
Tel: 800-792-1112