Red Oak Ranch Horse Arena

For exclusive use by Horse Arena Members and their Guests

In 2008, the Red Oak Ranch Community opened their Horse Arena in Reserve A.

All users of the amenity, whether riders or spectators, do so at their own risk. Before riding in the facility, all users, including their guests, must review the Horse Arena Policy and sign a Release of Liability (available at the links on this page).

If you would like to use the horse arena, you can submit your application to the ROR Managing Agent along with the annual $180 user fee. You will be required to sign the liability form before the gate codes are shared with you. Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions.

Volunteer Horse Arena members act as liaison(s) for our community. They are responsible for making maintenance recommendations for the Horse Arena and answering property owner questions.

2021-2022 Horse Arena Liaisons are: Linda Albers (936-443-7634) and Chris Michel (832-316-1082).