Watch for a mid-August communication and invoice from IMC Property Management.  At the July 20th meeting of the Board of Directors, the FY2021 budget was presented, approved, and the annual assessment established. This year’s assessment is comprised of:
      Annual Maintenance Charge = $635 per lot (Operating expenses for mowing, Property Management Agent; insurance; utilities; legal expenses, etc. anticipated in the annual budget)
      Maintenance Reserve Fund = $15 per lot (Costs of repairs and maintenance to community-owned assets, requires annual replenishment to $20,000)

There will not be a Drainage Reserve Fund assessment at this time. As you may know, ROR is not governed or taxed by a Municipal Utility District (MUD) and is responsible for some of the services normally carried out by a MUD. As communicated in last year’s Annual Meeting, the ROR Drainage Committee is currently working with an engineering contractor to develop a long-term plan for the maintenance of our drainage system. We will be communicating that plan and the proposed funding when that work is complete.

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