The Red Oak Ranch Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCR Sec 3.17) “prohibits the burning of any garbage, trash or rubbish. Provided, however, the burning of underbrush and trees during lot clearing shall be permitted.” The brush and trees being burned must be generated on your own lot.

Red Oak Ranch is presently located in unincorporated Montgomery County, Texas, which does allow for burning on large-acreage lots (see ordinance link below). However, The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has the ultimate jurisdiction (see the TCEQ Outdoor Burning Guidelines link) and it’s important to follow their guidelines as well as the ordinances of Montgomery County. Know safety procedures and the law before starting the fire. Be considerate of your neighbors. TCEQ District 12 can be contacted at: 713-767-3714.

What can I do to be in Compliance? 1.) Ensure Montgomery County is NOT under a Burn Ban2.) Call the TCEQ the day prior to your burn to ensure the wind conditions, rainfall, etc. are favorable to proceed. Zero wind is NOT a favorable condition- it causes accumulation of smoke and creates potentially dangerous air quality. 3.) Obtain written approval from the Owner(s) of any structures within 300 feet of the burn. Exceptions include burning downwind, or no “sensitive receptors” being present in the building(s) in question, but it’s always preferable to gain approval. 4.) Contact the Montgomery County Fire Marshal to let them know you are doing a burn. It’s likely a large, smoke producing burn will alarm area residents and passers-by and, understandably, 911 may be called. 5.) Attend and control the fire at all times. No active or smoldering fires should be left burning after dark or before dawn unless closely attended. 6.) Call 911 immediately if your burn gets out-of-control. Alert neighbors.

Montgomery County, TX Fire Marshall (click here) Phone: 936-538-8288

TCEQ “Outdoor Burning in Texas” (click here) District 12 Phone: 713-767-3714